Monitor your water usage in real time.

Keep track of water within your property using the user friendly SMART FLOW mobile App. Your plumbing made smart. 

Key features

Check water usage in real-time so you can instantly assess unusual water usage. No more waiting until you get your quarterly bill from water companies.

Receive notifications/alerts for excessive water usage and potential leaks.

Monitor your water usage history via the App or the Dashboard.

Total control

Easily open or close all valves at the push of a button.

Close valves individually so you can isolate a potential leak without stopping water flowing in the entire property.

Automatically turn the water off if the premises are empty and a leak occurs.

Perform micro leak tests to detect even the smallest perceivable leak.

Monitor multiple properties

Review multiple properties at a glance. Have multiple users on a system.

How it works

Monitor your asset remotely with SMART FLOW. If an issue is detected be alerted immediately and take action from your app or dashboard. 

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