With the sole franchise for Starbucks, TGI Fridays, Hard Rock Cafe, Leisureplex, Mao and Dante Pizza within Ireland, Enterprise Entertainment Group Ltd owns and operates over 100+ Leisure and Entertainment venues across Ireland.

Continually growing their portfolio of properties, the group has recently opened a second Starbucks cafe in the iconic Dundrum Town Centre.

The Challenge

With multiple properties across Ireland, predicting quarterly water rates proved challenging. A problem compounded by the historic nature of the water billing cycle. Quarterly billing with no visibility on daily or even weekly usage prevented meaningful analysis with leaks and other related issues remaining undetected for extended periods of time.

Committed to service excellence, operational efficiency and sustainability, EE Group embarked on a pilot water management project with the introduction of water monitoring solution SMART FLOW at the new build Starbucks cafe, Dundrum Town Centre.

The Solution

An innovative water monitoring and leak detection system, SMART FLOW leverages mobile technology and a patented ultrasonic flow sensor to deliver real-time insights into water usage across single or multiple properties via the SMART FLOW mobile app. The technology is further backed by a team of highly skilled engineers with over 20 years experience tracking, analysing and optimising water usage in both commercial and domestic properties.

Installed on site in December 2019, while the property was under construction, the system set to work learning a base-line for water usage on-site and began alerting the construction team of any water flow at night.

By January a base line water consumption of 2,000 Litres per day have been established. Detecting an increase in the daily water usage to 6,000 litres on February 8th, the system sent an instant alert to the operational team at Starbucks, with daily consumption exceeding 12,000 litres on the 9th and 10th. A SMART FLOW engineer called to the premises on the 11th, identifying an overflowing toilet as the cause for the water usage increase. With the issue rectified during this call out, usage dropped instantly with water usage of 3,567 litres recorded on the 12th of February.

An intelligent monitoring system, SMART FLOW adjusts to account for changes in daily operations, with alert parameters adjusted in line the property shut down due to the government restrictions in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. With the property closed, and an expected daily water usage of zero, the system instantly notified the Starbucks team of a surge in water usage on the 18th of March which was rectified the next day. With increased water charges on the way, issues similar to those experienced by Starbucks Dundrum could cost a business in excess of €3650 per year.

The Result

Speaking on the project, Operations Manager, Szymon Malata stated; “what really impressed us about the SMART FLOW solution was not only the innovative nature of the technology but the responsiveness of the SMART FLOW team, their engineers have shared expert insights with our property team, helping identify areas for future improvement and working with us to ensure we maintain the base line established.

SMART FLOW ensures we have real-time visibility on water consumption at our Starbucks Dundrum property. Armed with a base-line our finance team can budget for annual water charges with even greater accuracy and real time alerts in the event of a water usage increase ensure we have no nasty surprises at the end of each quarter.”

Following a successful pilot the EE Group has opted to continue roll-out with the installation of the system at their Starbucks Leeson Street property.

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