SMART FLOW water cost reduction

Control all of your water costs/usage for your properties remotely. Real time alerts for leaks, overflowing toilets and numerous water wastage issues 

How it works

SMART FLOW was designed to help businesses save on water usage. SMART FLOW actively monitors the flow  of water in real-time into any premises. Using sophisticated algorithms, SMART FLOW will notify the user if a leak or excessive water usage is detected. This allows the company or business to easily manage and reduce their water costs.  Also allowing for remote water shut off from anywhere in the world

Simple Installation

No mechanical installation required. For properties with pulse output water meters, our SMART FLOW Hub easily integrates with your existing system.  Installation typically takes 30 minutes and has no disturbance to your existing system. 

Our App:

Total control at your fingertips

Real Time Monitoring

Instant Alerts

Open and shut valves

Usage Reports

The Dashboard

Monitor all of your assets remotely with SMART FLOW’s dashboard. This allows you to access all of your water usage in each property in real time, and historically. Even giving you the ability to shut the water off remotely. This is your water management system made easy. 

The Hub

In the case of a power cut or broadband network fault any leak detection system becomes useless when running on WiFi.

To keep your system connected and guarantee your property’s safety at all times, SMART FLOW’s Hub uses the best cellular network available in your area similar to most monitored house alarms.

And in the event of a power cut, SMART FLOW’s built-in Lithium-ion battery back-up can keep the system powered. Once the power is restored the battery will automatically recharge. 

The Sensor

SMART FLOW’s Ultrasonic Flow Sensor can detect even micro leaks as low as 10ml which would go unnoticed with most standard meters which can only detect leaks of 300ml or more.

Our Ultrasonic Flow Sensor has no moving parts so its life span is greatly increased compared to other meters.

The Valves

Our WRAS approved low voltage valves are fast acting. They will fully close within 5 seconds of receiving a command. 

The valves also provide you with a manual override function along with a sight position indicator. 

Instant water cost savings

The intelligent water optimisation algorithm gets to work immediately sending you real-time alerts with access to actionable data to make an instant impact on reducing your water bills.   


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