How does Smartflow work ?

By using the worlds most advanced Patented Ultrasonic Flow Sensor


Smartflow have used their extensive background in plumbing to create the world’s most reliable and accurate leak detection system .

Smartflow was designed to stop leaks and save customers on costly repairs and excessive water charges in homes and businesses.

Smartflow actively monitors the flow of water in real time into a home or business.

Using its sophisticated algorithms Smartflow will notify the user if a leak or potential issue is detected. The user can then decide to turn the water off,

Smartflow can even automatically turn the water off within 5 seconds after detecting a leak.

Smartflow allows the user to turn the water off remotely from anywhere in the world.

It also allows for easy water control if an issue is detected or routine maintenance is needed.

Smartflow allows the user to install and control a total of 6 motorized valves from their mobile App.






No WiFi connection required

In case of a power cut or broadband network fault any leak detection system becomes useless when running on WiFi.

To keep your system connected and guarantee your property’s safety at all time Smart Flow, like most monitored house alarms, uses the best cellular network available in your area.

And in the event of a power cut Smart Flow’s built in lithium ion battery back-up can keep the system powered for over 48 hours.

Patented Ultrasonic Flow Sensor

Smartflows Ultrasonic Flow Sensor can detect even micro leaks which would go unnoticed with most standard meters.

Our Ultrasonic Flow Sensor has no moving parts so its life span is greatly increased compared to other meters


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