Facts & Statistics

Water Scarcity 

  • Water will become a large environmental and regulatory issue
  • By 2025, 1.8 BILLION people will live in regions of absolute water scarcity
  • By 2030, 47% of the worlds population will live in areas of high water stress

Water damage costs

  • 30% of insurance claims are for pluming related leaks
  • Average cost of damage from a plumbing leak in a home €6,000
  • Average costs of a leak in a business €17,000
  • Many property owners do not know their shut off valves do not work until there is a leak

Water protection for the customer

  • Smartflows  research has shown that insurers will  gain more customers and improve loyalty from offering their customers a leak detection system. 
  • Almost two-thirds (65%) of consumers say they would switch home insurer if they offered a discount for installing a smart leak defender in their home
  • Smartflow is actively working with the largest insurers to help give discounts to their customers
  • Smarthome protection devices are growing in popularity in Ireland and the  U.K. – 43% of households say they plan to install one in the next three years. This is because more than 53% have had a leak in their home or business
  • The research also found that 56% would be more loyal to their insurer if they were proactive and invested in their property by helping supply smart home products like Smartflow