Facts & Statistics

Water Scarcity 

  • Water is becoming a large environmental and regulatory issue
  • By 2030, 47% of the worlds population will live in areas of high water stress
  • The UK is expected to run out of water within the next 25 years as demand exceeds supply

Water conservation

  • A SMART FLOW system saves a business on average 30% on their water usage
  • After a system is installed in any home or business the owners or staff typically become much more water conscious.
  • SMART FLOW bespoke back end database provides businesses with the most responsive reliable data  
  • Our staff have years of experience in water management and conservation
  • SMART FLOW provide a full contract service to its clients

Additional Features

  • SMART FLOW  can detect leaks as lows as 10ml/m compared to 300ml with some current smart meters 
  • The ultrasonic sensor has no moving parts which greatly increases its life span