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Devenish is a specialist in sustainable food solutions, leading pioneering research and development in response to the consumer demand for safe, nutritious and sustainably produced food. Supplementing its 10 manufacturing facilities across the UK, US, Turkey and Uganda, Devenish has invested in a range of Performance Houses, where trials are conducted to scientifically publishable standards. This Performance House network enables Devenish to turn data into insight, driving performance, profitability, and sustainability benefits at scale for its customers.

Water intake has been monitored by poultry producers for some time with close links to feed intake and is also an important measure of flock health. However due to a continuing focus on input costs including water use, as well as an increased concern over water sustainability and conservation, Devenish sought innovative ways to collect and analyse water use and consumption patterns at one of its research facilities. A commitment to data accuracy was a fundamental part of the project and the team quickly realised their existing mechanical metering systems would be unable to provide the level of detail required – a problem compounded by the flock-to-flock and even day-to-day variations in water use.

Powering Data Transformation

To overcome these challenges, Devenish selected SMART FLOW, the world’s most reliable and accurate water monitoring system powered by a patented ultrasonic flow sector as a project partner. Jonny Lester, Poultry Technical Manager at Devenish explains: “Due to the variable nature of water flow in poultry, the existing water meters were unable to deliver the level of detail required. Data accuracy is critical, and the existing water metering system was simply not up to the task. When we were first introduced to SMART FLOW, what really impressed us about the solution was the level of detail possible. While existing metering systems could only record water flow from 300ml/ min upwards, SMART FLOW was able to provide detail at a micro level, tracking water flow as low as 10ml/min.”

“For Devenish, the introduction of SMART FLOW represents our ongoing commitment to driving data excellence through digital innovation,” continued Lester. A digital solution powered by mobile technology, SMART FLOW delivers instant data insights via the user dashboard which can be accessed on mobile, desktop or tablet. Providing key users with the ability to quickly and easily analyse statistical water data in real time. Data can also be securely stored for analysis at the end of each trial.

Supporting Data Accuracy and Sustainability

The introduction of the SMART FLOW solution has enabled Devenish track even at a micro level the impact of nutritional applications or management on water intake.

Providing improved visibility SMART FLOW ensures the Devenish team is confident reporting findings to their customers and stakeholders. In addition, SMART FLOW aligns with Devenish’s goal of supporting water conservation by providing instant alerts in the event of a surge in water usage, allowing the team to quickly pinpoint potential leaks and take action. This enables the team to potentially prevent floods from occurring within the poultry house.

“From the outset the team at SMART FLOW has been excellent, sharing invaluable insights and helping us realise the full potential of the solution. The company’s CEO, Dave Hogan visited our site to conduct an initial assessment, immediately identifying shortcomings in our existing piping systems and working with us to establish the best course of action going forward.

Project delivery has been seamless with the team at SMART FLOW regularly reaching out to ensure our team has the training and insights required to harness the data. It was reassuring to work with a solution partner as committed to the accuracy of the data as we were, and we look forward to introducing SMART FLOW at our other facilities,” concluded Lester.

The first phase of the project focused on gaining insight into the existing water consumption across the premises, with the SMART FLOW monitoring unit installed on incoming water mains. While the average duration of this phase is 4 weeks, evidence of a large water leak at the premises became apparent within just 48 hours, with the system reporting excessive water flow during out of hours times. With all appliances off and the water valves shut off via the remote shut off function within the app, the water usage reading was tracked at zero. Once the valves were re-opened the flow increased rapidly indicating a significant water problem at the premises.

The SMART FLOW team set to work tracking water usage around the property and located a series of underground leaks at various locations on-site. A detailed report of their findings along with recommendations were then provided and following consultation with the Devenish Group, the team at SMART FLOW set to work rectifying these leaks, with the works completed out-of-hours to minimise business disruption. 

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