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Part of the highly successful Chawke Pub Group, a hospitality group which boasts some of the most coveted hospitality businesses within Ireland, The Old Orchard Inn is situated in the beautiful suburb of Rathfarnham close to Rathfarnham Castle.

Blending the atmospheric charm of a local pub with great food and lively entertainment, the Old Orchard Inn has grown from strength to strength in recent years to emerge as one of the best known local pubs in Dublin’s Southside.

The Challenge

Tracking years of low water pressure and water bills far in excess of the averages expected for a premises of its type, the Chawke Pub Group had in recent years invested heavily in various plumbers and water companies to pin point the source of the water wastage, to no avail.

Not only impacting on the bottom line, low water pressure due to the unidentified water wastage within the premises was having a negative impact on operational efficiency within both the kitchen and bar, in particular during peak hours.

The Solution

In an effort to finally trace this water wastage and equip the business with insight required to project future water charges, the Chawke Pub Group turned to SMART FLOW, a digital water management solution that offers real time visibility on water usage. A solution powered by advanced technologies and backed by a team of highly skilled engineers with over 20 years solving complex domestic and commercial challenges with an emphasis on water usage and energy conservation.

The first phase of the project focused on gaining insight into the existing water consumption across the premises, with the SMART FLOW monitoring unit installed on incoming water mains. While the average duration of this phase is 4 weeks, evidence of a large water leak at the premises became apparent within just 48 hours, with the system reporting excessive water flow during out of hours times. With all appliances off and the water valves shut off via the remote shut off function within the app, the water usage reading was tracked at zero. Once the valves were re-opened the flow increased rapidly indicating a significant water problem at the premises.

The SMART FLOW team set to work tracking water usage around the property and located a series of underground leaks at various locations on-site. A detailed report of their findings along with recommendations were then provided and following consultation with the Chawke Pub Group, the team at SMART FLOW set to work rectifying these leaks, with the works completed out-of-hours to minimise business disruption.

The Result

Prior to the implementation of SMART FLOW (based on the initial data gathered) the premises was tracking water usage of 50,000 litres per day. A consumption level that was costing the business in excess of €50,000 per year.

Initial remedial action – including tracking and repair of the underground leaks enabled the business to reduce water consumption to 30,000 litres per day. Despite early wins the team at SMART FLOW continued to work with the Old Orchard Inn to incorporate further water savings measures which have reduced water consumption to just 15,000 litres per day. A saving of around 12,500,000 litres per year.

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