Water managment made easy

SMART FLOW began life as a mechanical services company. Servicing a range of commercial clients in the area of water optimisation and water usage reduction.

After 2.5 years of research and product development ,where we have blended real world expertise with AI Tech to develop SMART FLOW technologies.

We are now one of the fastest growing Prop Tech companies in the area of smart water monitoring, water leak detection, water management.   


Meet the Team

SMART FLOW is passionate about protecting your property while helping save on our water resources. Our aim is to make water easy to manage and control for our customers. We are excited about developing the best water technologies for our clients. 

Our Founder David Hogan has lived the customer’s problem on a daily basis. He had 18 years of real life experience working with water related issues within buildings. This gives us unique insights into how we manage, detect and protect properties. 

Talk to us

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David Hogan

Founder and CEO

David is a passionate entrepreneur with vast experience in the water sector. His vision to create SMART FLOW started after constantly watching his customers experiencing damage caused by plumbing leaks. Along with hearing them complain about the lack of control for their water bills. David researched and he quickly found out that water was becoming a global crisis as droughts were becoming commonplace. After searching the world for a reliable solution, David then made the decision to develop what he believed would be the best solution for his customers and the planet

Rodrigo Abbás


Rodrigo is well known in the industry. He is a highly skilled computer software engineer with extensive experience as a full-stack developer and working on web applications. Rodrigo is strong in design, with excellent problem-solving and debugging abilities. Along with unrivaled experience working on real time IOT devices. 

Damien Hayes

Commercial Director

Damien has been in the mechanical and electrical space for over 20 years. He has been committed to providing fully integrated solutions that deliver cost savings to customers. He has built a reputation for professionalism and dependability. Damien installs smart devices for homes and business nationwide.