Water scarcity is here and is becoming a global crisis.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to develop the best technologies for businesses that support sustainable water management for our future.

Save water, money
and time 

A typical SMART FLOW install saves between 30% to 80% on water usage.

Ensure your property is protected

Your property is 3 times more likely to be damaged by a leak than burglary.

Reduce your carbon footprint

By reducing your water consumption you are reducing your CO2 footprint.


Our Solution

We are now collaborating with some of the leading government and international companies on sustainability programs across their portfolio’s. Encompassing : Tailored solutions , value added objectives, sustainability solidarity along with training and development.

smartflow icon

litres of water saved by SMART FLOW to date

Our customers

SMART FLOW have a wide range of customers across many sectors. 

We not only provide a product to our customers. We collaborate with our clients to help them develop and achieve their water sustainability goals


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